Drainage Grate Options

Drainage Grates aren’t just grates! Different environments call for specific types of grates – different materials, different configurations, different load capacity and different performance.

This is a complicated topic and of course budget constraints must also be considered.

The aspects of most significance to the choice of a grate are:

  • Loading requirements (ie. pedestrian areas as against high speed traffic areas)
  • Environment – potential exposure to chemical or marine environments etc.
  • Safety – ie. antislip of heel-safety requirements
  • Appearance ie. an industrial cross-over as against a high end hotel forecourt

At Orca we deal with these choices on a daily basis. Contact Orca on 1300 80 80 20 or visit our website at www.orcacivil.com.au.

Locally made ORCA Channels meet all relevant aspects of the Standards AS3996 and the European Standard EN1433.