Galvanised ductile iron grates


Some times only a galvanised grate will suit. This project utilises heel safe, anti slip grates galvanised and in a galvanised edge 200mm wide channel which sets off the understated elegance of the Peppers Resort hotel.

All ORCA drainage systems are manufactured in Australia to meet or exceed The Australian Standard AS3996-2019 as well as the European Standard EN1433 and of course access and disability Standards.

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Liberty Service Station Kilmore

ORCA is well known for drainage on high profile projects , hotels, gardens, rail stations,  Circular Quay, Sydney Opera House etc.  However most of ORCA drainage systems are installed in more every day but critically important sites, like service stations.  Liberty Station Kilmore is an example. Australian made ORCA Channels are an integral aspect of the environmentally stormwater and spillage collection system in this busy country site.

Orca Products are manufactured in Australia to meet or exceed requirements of AS3996 and the European Standard EN1433. For specific product information ring on 1300 80 80 20 or visit

Melbourne Urban Transport Upgrade

The busy and historic South Yarra Station has recently had a significant upgrade with a cost of more than $12.5million dollars. This 100 year old structure was brought up to modern standards, taking into account the current traffic through this facility is many times what was anticipated by the original designers.

Orca Australian made drainage channels ( with Griptech grates were specified for this unique site specifically because of their anti-slip characteristic, heelsafe configuration and pleasing appearance. The grates are considered to be both safe and sympathetic to the character of the building.

Most importantly Orca Channels meet all relevant requirements of:
AS3996:2006 Access covers and grates
AS4586:2013 Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surfaces
AS1428.1 Design for access and mobility

Australian products for an Australian, urban transport icon!

Niagara Railway Station

The Niagara Park Station upgrade was part of the NSW Public Transport Access Program which aimed to deliver accessible, modern, secure and integrated transport infrastructure for public transport customers. The town itself has come a long way since its timber getting and cattle raising roots. In recent times its seen an increase in population from not only retirees but also young millennials looking to escape the city for a more balanced and affordable lifestyle.

Project Brief:
The station itself was in very poor condition with safety hazards and access issues. Designers required a trench drain to remove surface water runoff in wet days. As well as improved wheelchair and walking access to cater for the stations increase in population. Grates needed to be heel friendly as well as visually appealing with the new platform and furniture.

The Orca Solution:
Orca Australian Made GV200 with our patented galvanized heelguard and slip resistant Griptech grate.

. Orca Australian Made GV200 are Engineered to meet the following standards:
AS3996:2006 Access covers and grates
AS4586:2013 Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surfaces
AS1428.1 Design for access and mobility

. Patented galvanized heel guard grates are not only visually appealing, but tick all boxes for heel and wheel/mobility safety.
. The Griptech grate also meets the slip resistance criteria of the project with its patented anti-slip nodule system which ensures ultimate grip in all types of weather conditions.