ORCA Drain Pits

Stormwater and drainage pit

A pit that collects rainwater or excess water is called a stormwater or drainage pit.

Drainage pit is a rectangular box with a drainage grate in the ground that collect water and discharge the water trough drainage pip to the nearest council stormwater discharge point. Stormwater pit relies on gravity to collect water on site. Usually the site will have a fall e.g 1:100 to the pit. This method of drainage is called point drain.

Junction Pit

A junction pit is a standard urban drainage element which is often a pit with a solid cover. Junction pits are designed to work as integral drainage elements to enable effective management of stormwater throughout the municipality. The junction pits are required at connections between main pipes to enable access for cleaning and maintenance.

Orca Pit

Usually drainage pit or Junction pit is made from plastic or concrete. However plastic pit might not be very durable and concrete pit could be too heavy for handling. Orca pit are made from polymer concrete which is both durable and light weight.

Orca discovered the following property of polymer concrete and have been manufacturing polymer concrete pit since 2012.

  • High resistance to chemical and biological attack
  • Lightweight compared to cement concrete products
  • Excellent noise and vibration absorption
  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • Good weathering and UV resistance
  • Zero water absorption
  • Can be cut with masonry drills and grinders
  • Can be recycled as rubble or crushed for use as road foundation
  • Approximately 4 times the flexural strength of cement concrete
  • Good thermal properties and stability
  • Ultra-smooth finish which encourages efficient hydraulic flow

Orca also offer standard grate, heel safe and anti-slip grate, concrete infill cover and access cover to suit Orca pit range. Our grate and cover are design to meet the following standard:

  • AS3996:2006 Access covers and grates
  • AS4586:2013 Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surfaces
  • AS1428.1 Design for access and mobility

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