ORCA Polymer Concrete Channels

What is Trench drain

A trench drain (also can be called channel drain, line drain, slot drain, linear drain or strip drain) is a specific type of drain containing a dominant trough or channel-shaped body that form a line of trench. It is used for the rapid evacuation of surface water or for the containment of utility lines or chemical spills.

Trench drain are usually employed when there is a large outdoor opening space, Edges of building for water protection and area that have excess water.

Orca Polymer concrete trench drain

Orca Polymer concrete is a versatile, durable, composite material produced by mixing a variety of mineral fillers with a synthetic or natural resin binding agent. This advanced engineering material is used in many industries but is most common in the building and construction industries where its long life and material properties make it ideal for trench drain.

Orca Polymer concrete trench drain advantage

  • High resistance to chemical and biological attack
  • Lightweight compared to cement concrete products
  • Excellent noise and vibration absorption
  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • Good weathering and UV resistance
  • Zero water absorption
  • Can be cut with masonry drills and grinders
  • Can be recycled as rubble or crushed for use as road foundation
  • Approximately 4 times the flexural strength of cement concrete
  • Good thermal properties and stability
  • Ultra smooth finish which encourages efficient hydraulic flow

Orca channel range

  • Orca drain comes in 100 ,200 and 300mm clear opening with different depth option.
  • They are easy to install, durable and cost effective.
  • Orca also offer a wild range of grating finishes to suit channel including stainless and galvanised heelsafe grating, heavy duty ductile grating to suit all your applications.

Orca Drainage grates lead the industry in design and quality and are engineered to meet the following standards:

AS3996:2006 Access covers and grates

AS4586:2013 Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surfaces

AS1428.1 Design for access and mobility

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