ORCA Grating

Our off the shelf grate and frame have key performance advantages such as removable hinge systems, locking system to secure grate to frame and twisted rod finished for bike safe purposes.
Orca grate and frame works as a stormwater pit and trench access point for water and maintenance workers. Our products are design for easy install. Just place product on opening and pour concrete around to finished.

ORCA grating is made of mild steel with a hot dip galvanised finishes to internal standard. We have standard size of sump grate and frame include 450×450, 600×600,600x900x 900×900 in both Class B (light vehicle traffic) and Class D (Heavy vehicle traffic). We also have trench grate and frame in stock.

ORCA grating is designed for the ultimate performance under load, our product are often used in factory, warehouse, Streetscape, Rail Platforms, Service Stations and Shopping Centre. We also offer a heelsafe and anti-slip grating range (Orca Griptech).
We also design and manufacture custom grating products for new and retrofit applications. Click the links below for more information or give us a call to discuss your project in detail.