Orca Sump Grates and Frames

Orca drainage grates are designed for the ultimate performance under load. Designed and tested to meet Australian and New Zealand standards our drainage grate and frames are the best choice for you project. All Orca sump grate come complete with a unique removable hinge system and safety bolt for security. Our sump grates are useful on projects where water needs to be drained to a single or multiple points throughout the project.

Orca drainage grates are designed, manufactured and tested to meet strict Australian and New Zealand standards. Orca Class D grates have been rigorously tested under AS3996:2006 to withstand an ultimate load of 21 tonne without failure.

“Orca grates are tested to meet AS3996:2006 load requirements”

Orca grates are also loaded with additional safety features such as hinges and lock downs.

You can have complete confidence that Orca drainage grates will meet the design loads and safety requirements of your project.

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Product detail

Item codeLoad Class Clear opening (mm)Overall frame (mm)Frame Depth (mm)
ESG4545BB 80450 x 450565×58055
ESG6060BB 80600 x 600712×73055
ESG6090BB 80600 x 900712×103055
ESG9090BB 80900 x 9001000×101770
ESG4545DD 210450 x 450560×55570
ESG6060DD 210600 x600708×70580
ESG6090DD 210600 x 900705×100580
ESG9090DD 210900 x 9001005×101780