Orca Griptech Grates and Frames

Griptech is a revolutionary, Australian designed, patented new type of grating. Clients require grating installations which meet all the relevant Australian Standards – Load rating and bike safety to AS3996-2019, Slip resistance to AS4586-2013 (P5), access and disability AS1428.1:2009 and heel safety. The Griptech range ticks all the boxes, confirmed by NATA laboratory testing and has been widely specified across Australia and New Zealand.

Griptech for all situations

Griptech is available in stainless steel, both SS304 and SS316, for marine or corrosive environments or more commonly where ascetic and pedestrian safety is the focus. Galvanised Griptech grating systems offer an attractive, durable and practical option to traditional grating systems, commonly utilised in both public and private sites.

Sump grates and frames, trench grates and sump drainage grates are often specified as Griptech grating. Commonly it is also used as an element of an ORCA polymer concrete drainage solution. The Griptech range is also used to produce custom design solutions for tree grates, walkways and recreational areas.


  • Beach side
  • Shopping centres
  • Laboratories
  • Food preparation facilities
  • Public pedestrian areas

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Product detail

Item codeLoad Class Clear opening A x B (mm)Overall frame X x Y (mm)Frame Depth (mm)
EHG4545BB 80450 x 450560 x 56055
EHG6060BB 80600 x 600710 x 71055
EHG6090BB 80600 x 900710 x 101055
EHG9090BB 80900 x 9001000×100070
EHG4545DD 210450 x 450550 x 55070
EHG6060DD 210600 x600700 x 70070
EHG6090DD 210600 x 900700 x 100070
EHG9090DD 210900 x 9001000 x 100080