Orca Griptech Grates and Frames

Orca Griptech grates and frames are safe for all purpose access:

  • Load rated to exceed AS3996: 2006
  • Slip Resistance rating of P5 under AS4586:2013
  • Exceeds access and disability requirements under AS1428.1:2009

Griptech is our new patented galvanised steel grating product which ticks all of the boxes for heel and wheel safety. From high heels, bikes and wheelchairs to cars and garbage trucks*, Griptech grates are traffic ready in all weather conditions.

“Griptech ticks all of the boxes for heel and wheel safety”

Orca Griptech grates are loaded with additional safety features such as Australian standard lifting points and lock downs. You can have complete confidence that Orca Griptech grating will meet the design loads and safety requirements of your project.

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Product detail

Item codeLoad Class Clear opening A x B (mm)Overall frame X x Y (mm)Frame Depth (mm)
EHG4545BB 80450 x 450560 x 56055
EHG6060BB 80600 x 600710 x 71055
EHG6090BB 80600 x 900710 x 101055
EHG9090BB 80900 x 9001000×100070
EHG4545DD 210450 x 450550 x 55070
EHG6060DD 210600 x600700 x 70070
EHG6090DD 210600 x 900700 x 100070
EHG9090DD 210900 x 9001000 x 100080