Orca Stainless Troughs and Grates

Orca Stainless trough and grate systems are used where a shallow channels solution is a requirement for a project site.

These linear drain systems are designed and produced specifically for an individual; situation and Orca is pleased to assist with the design process.


Custom Orca Stainless products are available in stainless grade 304 suitable for the majority of applications. For special situations, including marine or special environments including food preparation areas, SS316 is available to order. Electro polishing is strongly recommended. This process improves the look of all stainless products while importantly increasing resistance to staining.

Grating types

Orca stainless sump grates and frames, trench grates systems can be supplied in a number of configurations and suit internal and external drainage requirements. Griptech stainless linear grates in stainless trough systems provide a heelsafe, anti-slip finish, imperative for areas open to pedestrian traffic.


  • Food processing areas
  • Applications with slab depth limitations
  • Wet areas associated with industrial or other processes

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